dave sketches sometimes

capturing moments as they happen

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examples of urban sketching


on location sketches of life, drawn instantaneously.

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drawing in the moment

there is a certain truth to drawing in the moment. i like that.

i love the immediacy, an excitement of that particular moment. not trying to hold onto it, but to give it expression. afterwards, the light has changed and the paints have thickened, nothing’s the same. brushes are stiff, muscles tighter, the flow has moved on. let it be.

if i were to clean up lines, add color, or adjust inaccuracies, it would only be less of what it was in that moment. in the meantime, i do not touch a drawing once i have finished this type of real-time sketch. it is done when that moment has ended.

i appreciate a simple, efficient, minimalistic approach to drawing. whatever form of expression fits the situation, i feel free to use. no restrictions.


art has been an integral part of my life since i was small. from my first drawings trying to portray my surroundings, to being able to draw ideas from my head (1977).


after a lifetime of drawing with a mission & a job to do, i discovered urban sketching in august of 2015. in munich, introduced to passionate founders miriam benmoussa and jutta richter, later with usk organiser karo koehler and the many other enthusiastic sketchers, i found no more restrictions. draw what you want, whatever you see around you, however you want. how refreshing!

i love leaving the technicalities behind me to find expression without thinking, allowing ideas and shapes to unfold on their own. it has been exciting, and where i am now.