dave sketches sometimes

hi there. thanks for dropping by.

sketches 24C.jpg

as you will see, i like to draw:-)

with no special preparation, only a little bit of thinking, and an openness to letting surprises happen, i love to draw instantaneously. on this site, you will find a sample of my artwork over the years.

getting to this point has taken a lifetime, and i’m only learning more as i go along.

sketches 16C.jpg

have fun:-)


sketch of the week

03/23 - this was interesting to do. the cathedral in Cologne is an iconic landmark and easily recognisable. that’s what i’d hoped to capture. but not as the center of attention in the middle of a symmetrical composition (boring), but as an object so confident, that even in the background, off to one side, it’s significance is automatically evident. a market place a half mile away offered a great vantage point and “average surroundings” to see it from. again, the use of different colored pens and atmospheric perspective helped to create space. (just backwards to how we usually use it: high contrast foreground, low contrast and fading into the distance - a kind of telephoto lens effect, far away - seen up close:-)

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