dave sketches sometimes

art has been an integral part of my life since i was small.

drawing was so fascinating and fun, i just did it. from those around me, i was told to draw anything i saw, as realistically as i could. no photo or magazine in my vicinity was ever safe again. i turned into a human copy machine.

my college application reflected my lack of a formal art education, but also my passion for new ideas. that didn’t stop me from trying.


my entry level portfolio (above) for the art center college of design in pasadena, california in 1975 at age 20, opened the door. i would finally get the opportunity to learn to be more than just a two-legged xerox.

(check out the dates on the drawings, over 40 yrs ago! :-)

the idea of drawing things that weren’t right in front of me, of being able to take ideas and concepts from my head and put them onto paper, was exciting. drawing for a purpose, learning to articulate and communicate these ideas precisely, and be able to share and discuss these with others, very intoxicating, empowering.

(drawings from ‘78 -’84)


i’ve always loved to draw. and found a way to live my love for creating, drawing things & ideas, professionally, my whole life long. i haven’t stopped learning yet:-)


design sketch evolution over the years. (1979 - today)


after enjoying the accomplishments of drawing exacting, precisely planned images taking hours or even days to draw, i have arrived at a place where it can all come together, with little thought having to be put into each expression. coming full circle to letting drawings simply happen. don’t think. draw :-)