dave sketches sometimes

hi there. thanks for dropping by.

sketches 201B.jpg

as you will see, i like to draw:-)


sketch of the week

07/12 - discoveries: i meant to meet friends at the old botanical garden north of the main train station for some sketching. when it began to rain, we met up inside. what started out as a study of period architecture became an exciting hour of capturing people in milliseconds. much more than their movements or posture; their motion, their energy, their slaloming, the anxious waiting, the hustling to get to the right platform, their crisscrossing around and through the crowds, the dreams of tonight in some exotic new holiday destination, or the relief of finally getting home, able to sleep in one’s own bed…


sketch of the week collection


with no special preparation, only a little bit of thinking, and an openness to letting surprises happen, i love to draw instantaneously. on this site, you will find a sample of my artwork over the years.

getting to this point has taken a lifetime, and i’m only learning more as i go along.

sketches 308I.jpg

have fun:-)