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hi there. thanks for dropping by.

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as you will see, i like to draw:-)


sketch of the week

05/11 - my wife and i had just arrived in our small italian hilltop apartment on the island of elba, after an 11 hour journey by car from munich, and dropped off our suitcases. less than an hour til midnight, we were excited to get our two week vacation started and took to the narrow alleyways of the small town to get acquainted. in italy in the summer, even small villages can be lively late into the night; big families enjoying dinners in open air restaurants spilling into the streets, people lining up to get freshly made ice cream from the window shops, in cafés and street pubs, people enjoying the evening. as we walked, music was playing from the many tiny open-windowed flats. this one, current pop music hits from a radio. from that one, italian music from another time. ahead i could hear jazz music, the kind i like, and we moved in that direction. as we turned the corner, the musicians were right there, live, and had made a spot for themselves between the restaurant furniture, the guests and the stairway behind them. i was fascinated, and had to take it in. the few tables were all taken, but the owner who saw we might be interested in a small bite and a glass of red wine, grabbed a one person table from somewhere inside his establishment, and crowded the two of us into a spot directly in front of the musicians, in the alley. what a great evening! with a glass of red wine within reach, able to examine those virtuosos of jazz, playing for the pure pleasure of it, for their friend the shop owner, their friends & passerby-listeners enjoying their artistry as they shared it freely. this was a turning point in my sketching. even now, looking at this sketch, i can remember everything from that night. i can still see it in their faces, in their movements :-) with a simple pen & sketchpad.


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with no special preparation, only a little bit of thinking, and an openness to letting surprises happen, i love to draw instantaneously. on this site, you will find a sample of my artwork over the years.

getting to this point has taken a lifetime, and i’m only learning more as i go along.

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have fun:-)